Semi-Annual Report 2018

八月 22, 2018

New records and strong growth momentum

The Bossard Group is enjoying strong growth momentum: Sales, EBIT and net income rose significantly in the first half of the year, setting new record highs.

Compared to last year, sales rose by 13.0 percent to CHF 446.3 million. The strong growth momentum is also reflected in the 19.9 percent increase in EBIT to CHF 61.6 million, an above-average increase as measured against sales. The EBIT margin of 13.8 percent (13.0 percent last year) is well above the industry average and represents a new record high. Excluding last year's extraordinary income of CHF 4.5 million net from a real-estate sale, net income increased by 20.4 percent to CHF 49.0 million.


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