Declaration of Performance (DoP) and CE marking in the Construction Products Regulation (CPR). 

The Construction Products Regulation No 305/2011 which came into force 01.07.2013 requires declaration of performance and CE marking for certain construction products. With the regulation (CPR) the Construction Products Directive (EU) No 89/106/EEC (CPD) has been repealed. We provide declarations of performance delivered by Bossard. You can find the corresponding DoP by comparing the certificate number on the package. 


HV sets in accordance with EN 14399

Manufacturer  Certificate number  DoP Number 
Peiner Umformtechnik GmbH 

English   |   Deutsch

Peiner Declaration of Performance (Deutsch) 


SB sets in accordance with EN 15048

Manufacturer  Certificate number  DoP Number 
Vom Cleff 0432-CPR-900153-01  LE EN 15048 – 1.2  English
    LE EN 15048 – 1.2  Deutsch
    LE EN 15048 – 1.3  English
    LE EN 15048 – 1.3  Deutsch
Srubenia Unia  1488-CPD-162/Z
00679SB Denmark  English
    00679SB Dänemark  Deutsch

00622SB Switzerland  Englisch

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