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General Tolerances, tables, standards G.002
Materials screws & nuts
  Definition of mechanical properties for screws F.002
  Screws property class 4.6 to 12.9/12.9 F.004
  Nuts property class 04 to 12 F.009
  Set screws property class 14 H to 45 H F.012
  Screws, bolts, nuts F.013
  Screws and nuts for high and low temperatures F.017
  Stainless steel fasteners F.021
  Fasteners of various materials F.027
Corrosion protection F.033
Arrangement, design, assembly
  Selection of fasteners F.037
  Fatigue resistance F.038
  Length of engaged thread F.039
  Surface pressure when mounted F.040
  Friction and friction coefficients F.044
  Tightening method, tightening factor αA F.045
  Preload and tightening torques F.047
  Securely fastened connections F.060
  Shear loads for pins F.063
  Construction recommendations F.064
  Assembly tools F.077
Metric ISO threads F.079
Tolerances, tables, standards F.082

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