Customer and task

Keeping engines cool is a critical matter to protect assets. Our customer is a market leading maker of charge air coolers, intercoolers and cooling towers for diesel engines e.g. in large cargo ships.

The challenge to solve, was to avoid loosening of bolts due to large, dynamic vibrations. In the past, tab washers and patching glue was used to prevent loosening. This method was not only ineffective and time consuming, it was risky.

Coated charge air coolers in many sizes

After evaluating the customer's specific requirement for this high sophisticated application area, NORD-LOCK® washer A4 solution was recommended for 100% wedge locking effect. To implement the new solution, a technical evaluation and tests were conducted.

Customer benefits

Our customer's premium charge air coolers are now working under the harshest conditions. Machines are kept cool continuously and at the same moment, costs and assembly time could be reduced.

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