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School caretakers don’t have it easy. Bossard and Embru-Werke AG, a long-established and leading Swiss manufacturer of school furniture, are making life easier for them.

30,000 is the number of chairs of the relevant models that Embru-Werke AG (CH) produces each year. The new screws make it unnecessary to manually adjust the five rubber feet.

Chairs that permit a lot of movement are in vogue. Even in schools. And yet teachers are not the only ones who would prefer that students focus more on intellectual pursuits. Caretakers were faced with the problem that the rubber feet on Embru chairs became loose when students rocked their chairs back and forth, and these feet in some cases had to be tightened. Quite often, the entire base of the chair had to be replaced because the threads were stripped. The screws used as fasteners were unreliable and less than optimal. With these screws, the rubber could not always be snugly fi tted during assembly. Working together with Embru’s production manager and design engineer, Bossard came up with a solution that did not require changing the chair’s design.


The fisnished product delivered by Bossard is a specially made screw that has a thread diameter of 4.5 mm. It cuts the thread the first time it is inserted and it comes with a speciall supporting shank. The Torx® drive prevents damage to the screw head at high torques. The underlying round flange holds the chair parts together securely. Bossard tested the new fastening elements for the rubber feet in its test lab. The lab is a recognized ISO/IEC-accredited test lab, equipped with cutting-edge instruments. The test results demonstrated the reliability of the new screws.

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