TAPPEX® thread inserts made from brass, steel or stainless steel create precise, robust nut threads in workpieces made from plastic (thermoplastics, thermosets & laminates), GRP light-metal alloys and some notch-sensitive materials.


  • Creation of a high strength thread in plastic and wood
  • Wear-free and anti-corrosion
  • Allowing repeated tightening and loosening of bolted fastenings
  • Versatile
  • Various installation opportunities

  • TRISERT® Thread inserts for screwing in
TRISERT® thread inserts guarantee a clean, chip-free inner thread. A unique advantage of the thread inserts without heads is that they can be used on both sides.

  • TRISERT-3® Steel thread inserts for screwing into light alloys and plastics
The TRISERT-3® thread inserts, made from steel or stainless steel, fulfill the highest of requirements, e.g. in medical technology, the maritime, or groceries industry.

  • FOAMSERT® Thread inserts for screwing into foams and wood
The FOAMSERT® thread inserts (TRISERT® subgroup) are special self-cutting thread inserts used in pre-drilled holes in foams and wood.

  • MULTISERT® Thread inserts for pushing in
The MULTISERT® thread inserts with inner threads and patented jag fastening sections are particularly well-suited to being pressed into thermoplastic materials. Installation process: pressing in, ultrasound embedding, heat embedding (local melting of the plastic).

  • MICROBARB® Thread inserts for pushing in
MICROBARB® thread inserts for pushing in with micro knurling. This subgroup of the MULTISERT® thread inserts is ideal for use in thin-walled materials.

  • HIMOULD® Thread inserts for insert moulding
HIMOULD® thread inserts made from brass for insert moulding are used in moulded and cast components. Thanks to the thin walls, the HIMOULD® can position and mould directly into the moulding edges. These are extraordinarily versatile in use for thermoplastic and duroplastic mouldings with through hole and stud hole threads.

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