POP®, the original blind rivet, is a well-known brand to reliably and efficiently connect two or more components together, irrespective of the various materials, such as steel, plastic or others with different strengths and assembly thickness. In accordance with different applications, you may choose different types of blind rivets, as well as types of mandrel head, rivet head and rivet body.

The POP® Blind rivet system offers a fast and easy assembling solution in sheet metal and composite materials, which meets demanding application requirements and processes.


  • Reliable, permanent and safe
  • No need the access at the back of the workpiece, ease of assembly
  • Assembled surface without damage or distortion, corrosion resistant
  • Full range, available for all materials, different strengths and assembly thickness required
  • Used in numerous applications, such as sheet metal, mechanism, marine, power transmission, transportations, automotive

  • Open end rivet
  • Features
POP open end rivet
Suitable for general purposed applications with wide range of materials and head styles.  Even with low load bearing requirements, it can be fixed in an easy way. Material includes aluminum, steel, stainless steel, nickel copper alloy and copper.
POP open end rivet
  • Cost-effective fastening solution
  • Available for wide range of material, head style and mandrel, workpiece thickness up to 26 mm

  • Closed end rivet
  • Features
POP closed end rivets
The advantage of a closed end rivet is from the paramount mandrel retention. That’s why it is an ideal design for fully sealed applications, such as water or pressure tight environments. Available materials are aluminum, steel, stainless steel, nickel copper alloy and copper. Head styles include domed, large flange and countersunk heads.
POP closed end rivets
  • With 100% mandrel retention, safety can be maintained in applications such as electric and electronic equipment, LED signs, recreational vehicles

  • Multi-Grip™ rivet
  • Features
POP Multi-Grip rivet
The Multi-grip rivet accommodates a wider grip range, which helps to reduce the inventory levels. It is also the best solution for applications with irregular holes as it creates a rattle free joint.
POP Multi-Grip rivet
  • Used for fluctuating material thickness
  • Wide grip range
  • Available for 3 diameters 3.2, 4.0 and 4.8 mm

  • Peel rivet
  • Features
POP peel rivet
For the softer and brittle materials, the peel rivet is the optimum solution.  It is often used in plastics, rubber, wood, GFRP or laminates materials.  When assembling, the body peels into 4 pieces to minimize the force to protect the work piece.
POP peel rivet
  • Used for softer and brittle material to enlarge surface bearing capacity
  • Low clamping force
  • Application for furniture, mobile, public transportation, lighting, plastic components, etc.

  • Vgrip® rivet
  • Features
POP Vgrip rivet
The Vgrip® rivets’ extended grip range has a high aesthetic appearance and a wide blind side after assembly. The Vgrip® SO rivet, with its large closing head forming, offers a lower stembreak load during application, so that it helps to reduce the axial load to the material stack.
POP Vgrip rivet
  • Extended grip range
  • Larger blind side
  • Rattle free
  • Retained mandrel head
  • Lower stembreak load

  • Jack-Nut® Thread Insert
  • Features
POP Jack-Nut thread insert
Jack Nut® is a specific design for soft material installation, such as paper, glass and plastics. Thanks to the slotted body design, the threaded insert with its 4 legs can expand behind the base material.
POP Jack-Nut thread insert
  • Size available M4, M5, M6
  • Great pull out resistance
  • For soft of brittle
Rivet Tools & Systems
We offer a wide range of tools and systems, including hand tools, pneumatic tools, power tools and rivet systems. For further info please contact the Bossard service center near to you.

  • Rivet Hand Tools
POP Rivet Hand Tool
POPSet™ Hand Tools are durable and reliable with a wide range of applications.

  • Rivet Power Tools
  • Features
POP rivet power tools
The Stanley ProSet® XT has a "Quick Disconnect" nose housing and jaw case to rapidly clean and maintain the front end. The MCS (Mandrel Collection System) fast and safely collects spent mandrels to keep work areas clean.
POP rivet power tools
  • Force-to-weight ratio is high, lightweight construction
  • Fast and easy usage and maintenance
  • Reduced downtime, faster setting cycles
  • Ergonomic
  • On/off, left/right swivel air fitting
  • Safety air isolation switch

  • Rivet Battery Power Tools
  • Features
POP rivet battery power tools
The ProSet 2500 is portable, durable, and easy to maintain. It offers Quick Disconnect nose housing and jaw case to rapidly clean and maintain of the front end. The MCS fast and safely collects spent mandrels keeping work areas clean. It ensures fast, reliable setting cycles, reducing operating cost.
POP rivet battery power tools
  • Ergonomic and lightweight
  • Long stroke (25 mm)
  • Fast battery charge (30 minutes)
  • Stable holding mechanism (vertical use)
  • Automatic mandrel collection
  • Sliding Li-Ion battery
  • Ideal solution for site work

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