Easy & quick fastening solutions comes from the clipping technology, which is specifically designed for the industrial market. Applications in white goods, electrical, transportation, energies, lighting, heating and ventilation, furniture, and others. Panel products, such as panel clips, snap clips, edge nuts, snap-on nuts, solutions that reduce costs by replacing parts that require extensive assembly or have high maintenance costs. Additionally, the ease of use, standardized references, robust with speed of install and quality make it very reliable in the assembly process.


  • All-in-one solutions optimizing assembly processes
  • Improve efficiency and reduce costs
  • Vibration and noise reduction
  • Space saving, easy to maintain

  • Edge panel clips
  • Features
ARaymond edge panel clips
Fasten to the panel edge with spring clampload, provides a quick, easy, no tool assembly.
ARaymond edge panel clips
  • Manual mounting
  • Drill-free, screw-free
  • Metal-to-metal or metal-to-plastic assemblies are both available

  • Snap clips
  • Features
ARaymond snap clips
Snap-fit is a fast manual assembly design for interior trim, IPCC, automotive pillars.
ARaymond snap clips
  • No tools or screws
  • Invisibly mounted
  • Optimal balance between push-in accuracy and push-out force
  • Easy to service
  • Multiple cycles of assembly / disassembly

  • Panel edge nuts
  • Features
ARaymond panel edge nuts
Including U-nut for managing panels from trims, chassis, powertrain.
ARaymond panel edge nuts
  • Quick joining of panels, easily and safely.
  • Speed-up assembly time of a self-retention nut
  • Tolerance management for hole misalignment or panel deformation
  • Prevailing torque and integrated guide flap
  • Lightweight, easy for assembly

  • Self-locking snap-on nut
  • Features
ARaymond self-locking snap-on nut
The special S-shaped design provides prevailing torque for fastening the sheet metal.
ARaymond self-locking snap-on nut
  • Screw-in or screw-less for metal or plastic fastening solutions
  • Self-retaining, anti-creep
  • Prevailing torque
  • Fits wide range of panel thickness
  • Can replace all IPCC accessories
  • Lightweight, easy for assembly

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