elastomere combustibility

1) Minus values in temperature range apply only to parts in idle state without impact stress.

Chemical resistance2)

elastomere chemical resistance
2) The following details should be regarded as guidelines only. Any more definite information can only be given with reference to the particular application in hand. For example, a precision part may fail simply on account of a slight change in volume, or aggressive media may in fact be usable as cleansing agent if only briefly in contact with the material in question.
A - Very good, chemical resistance. Constant action of medium causes no damage to plastic within a period of 30 days. The plastic may remain resistant over a period of several years.
B - Good to limited chemical resistance. Constant action of medium may cause slight damage within a period of 7 to 30 days, this damage some times being reversible (swelling, softening, reduction in mechanical strength, discolouration).
C - Low chemical resistance. Unsuitable for subjection to constant action of medium. Damage may occur immediately (reduction in mechanical strength, deformation, discolouration, cracks, dissolution).

Chemical ingredients
elastomere chemical ingredients

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