Process Analysis
April 09, 2018


While there are many ways to reduce costs in C-parts management, a full Process Analysis is the best way to pull all the options together and unlock your factory’s potential.

How To Save Up To 70% On C-Parts Management

So far, we’ve covered 5 ways to save on C-parts management and improve your overall operations. We’re rounding out the series with the most important thing you can do in optimizing C-parts management: process analysis. Process analysis is an incredibly effective tool for understanding your factory’s workflow and identifying potential for optimization.

How Bossard Process Analysis Works

Our goal in the process analysis process is to learn your needs and to work out the best suitable solution to show potential cost savings in your company. We will analyze and support your logistics process by defining a solution that is tailored to your exact needs.

First, Bossard experts will come onsite and walk through your entire factory. They will go through your production so that they can fully understand the workflow and analyze the entire process.

Next, they will interview the relevant people in the various departments of your company: purchasing, logistics, planning, even the workers.

Then, Bossard can draw insights that are supplemented by the experts’ experience on best practice when it comes to C-parts flow. We will make suggestions on how to improve processes and create value for your company.

Here are some examples of what Bossard experts will look for as they analyze your processes:

  • Time-consuming steps within the process that can be shortened (e.g. material flow through various work stations)
  • Unnecessary steps within the process flow that can be eliminated
  • Processes that can be structured better
  • Inter-departmental communication that can be improved (e.g. at goods pickup points)
  • Areas of over or under-documentation (too many booking steps and printouts OR not enough useful data)

C-Parts That Almost Manage Themselves: It's Not Too Good To Be True

With the help of Bossard Process Analysis and products like SmartBin Flex or SmartLabel your C-parts management will be almost effortless. These smart systems by Bossard constantly check current stock levels and order more when the predefined minimum stock level is reached. Parts are automatically forwarded to your warehouse or even delivered directly to the point of use. In addition, these products create more direct information flow, as orders are triggered directly from the production floor. The result: a leaner and smarter process within your C-parts management.

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